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4 Important Principles

We break down topics to smaller and easily-digestible portions for your convenience and learning pace. With our easy to follow training that makes use of analogies and real-life examples applied to various industries, you’ll be seasoned in no time!


A method of storing and transmitting information in a manner wherein user authentication exists for data protection against theft or alteration

Distributed Systems

A system with multiple constituents located on different machines that convey and organize actions together in order to appear as a single united system to the end-user

Peer-to-peer networking

A group of computers that are linked together with equal permissions and responsibilities for coherent processing of data.This allows value transactions without the presence of a middleman

Game theory

A strategic decision-making used by corporations wherein they collaborate to form an effective plan taking into consideration the next possible move of their competitors. It is to model ideologies to build networks that have positive outcomes.


Our program has different levels—starting from the basics/fundamentals moving on to the more advanced subject matters within Blockchain. The arranged general
training that we have tackles a broad topic pertaining the introduction of Blockchain to students with any type of experience. We also offer custom training fit for your particular needs. You can choose from an array of industry-specific Blockchain lessons such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Human Resources
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Fintech

Our trainers’ goal is to teach new skills and enhance them in your chosen industry; to improve your capability, capacity, productivity and performance. These courses can be accessible to anyone either it’s for yourself or for a group of people.

Format: instructor-led in person & remote learning
Duration: 1-3 hours, custom tailored


At Blockchain Advisors, we assemble and allocate highly qualified speakers from various industries, backgrounds and experiences.  Out team members have proven record of public speaking expertise to be able to engage with clients effectively. These sessions deal with various topics related to becoming or being proficient in the field of Blockchain and custom tailored for your industry, level of expertise and the intended goals.

Our keynote speakers are in touch with the future of Blockchain technology as it interwoven into the fabric of each industry and can provide the most thought-provoking sessions for you. They are skilled to give memorable speaking engagements custom tailored for you based in their experiences and caliber. Our speakers aim to help open your eyes for new opportunities and further improve your skills in the finance-technology world.

Format: keynote speaker engagement
Duration: custom tailored


In Blockchain Advisors, it is our utmost priority to deliver quality, yet easily-digestible solutions. Our Blockchain consulting services are designed to provide
solutions to your problems and assist you on improving existing processes within your industries by utilizing relevant Blockchain technologies Our competent consultants will share extensive insights regarding Blockchain and how to work your way towards success in your industry. We continuously augment operational efficiency and lead top-quality levels of performance while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Consultants offer advisory or implementation services to improve your particular field’s performance in terms of profitability, management, structure and strategy. Our advisors give independent and unbiased stance to help you understand the deeper level scopes of your business.
Our consulting services include:

  • Using different methods to explain complex blockchain terminologies by utilizing layman’s term and gradually incorporating technical jargon used in the field as we go further.
  • Creating enhanced management strategies without disrupting an organization for the purpose of retaining a competitive edge and remaining significant in your industry
  • Implementing new plans for the renewal of a company’s processes using Blockchain technology wherein it leads to a more competent and improved system

Format: On-demand
Duration: custom tailored