Our training courses are fully immersive, instructor-led, and helps you master the cryptocurrency ecosystem with hands-on demonstrations. These are designed to introduce and instill an in-depth knowledge of the Blockchain technology and its underlying platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.  

As a beginner, you will learn about the fundamentals and concepts of Blockchain technology which will serve as your foundation as you plan to go further. We present real-life problems and analogies that have high relevance in the corporate world to help our students better understand how Blockchain works and what is is capable of.  Apart from this, we also offer advanced training for companies who want to upskill their workforce and get up to date with today’s technological revolution.You can choose from either instructor-led remote training or face-to-face in class training.  With the help of these sessions, you can complete this training at your own convenience and work on various industry-based projects that will give you hands-on experience in solving real-world problems. Our training courses are a one-time investment.




Human Resources

Real Estate


Our trainers’ goal is to teach new skills and enhance them in your chosen industry to improve your capability, capacity, productivity and performance. These training sessions are available to groups of 5-25 individuals as well as small group of 1-4 individuals

Format: Instructor Led – in person or remotely
Duration: 1-3 hours, custom tailored